We have a testimonial video clip from Stanley Kwan who owns the St. Bernard Shurfine Foods in Ohio. The video was made for presentation of upcoming Management Conference for Laurel Grocery Company (400 retailers). It was chosen as great marketing strategy among 400 retailers of the group. It shows how the Sign helped boost 15% of sales a month.
The Essential Tools for your Business
Radiant X LED Messege Center, Ultra High Quality
long lasting life, clear image, and vivid colors
You can increase an effectiveness of your Digital sign using back ground music and sound of your video source.
The screen can be divided up to 99 different sections to display multi sources such as text, image...
milesWay 1.5
Using powerful Wi-Fi communication system you can communicate up to 1.5 miles...
We protect your investment with built-in Nano second active Surge Protector
This is the most popular LED sign model to the general public. Most of the LED Signs you see in retail stores around your neighborhood are Slim Series models or similar types. Not everyone can have a fancy industrial large Billboard LED Sign for their business; due to lack of space, budget or simply not needing it. The Slim Series is perfect for small retail stores to medium sized businesses for advertisement; the Slim Series gives you more choices for different needs of different businesses. (read more)
Low Budget, High Quality LED Signs! Wide Range of Prices for Hundreds of Different Selections.
Easy Operation
User Friendly! Can you program a TV? If your answer is yes, then you can program our LED Signs.
Easy Installation
Make your Life Easy! Simple 5 minute, 3 Step Installation! (With included accessories).
Light Weight
This is lightest sign available for its size. Heavy duty but Extremely Light for easy handling!
Color Selection
Choose the Best Colors for your Business! We have everything from 1 color to 16 million color selections.
Our Full Color LED Cabinet Series is geared to deliver absolutely everything you want in an LED Sign. The Cabinet Series has the most vivid colors and sharpest contrast ratios for the clearest imaging compared to any other LED Sign. Upon seeing them you will recognize the superior quality of our Full Color LED Cabinet Series over those of other brands. You will instantly feel the impact of these powerful advertising tools upon installation. (read more)
Unlimited Ad Space
One Sign for One Ad is old and inefficient. This is Digital!
It means One Sign for Multiple Ads. Our Cabinet Series
Digital Sign is smart and efficient. You can divide a single
face up to 99 times to display different ads on different
sections, followed by another 99 ads, all at the push of a button!
Highest Quality for Instant Impact
The Sign can display the most vivid colors and sharpest images.
Your target audience will notice the message instantly
with a lasting impression. The Sign will have an Instant Impact on your Business.
A landmark includes anything that is easily recognizable.
The Public will recognize the sign by its uniqueness
and high visibility. Your business will be noticed
and be a part of this Landmark.
Display Text messages, Pictures and Graphics, Video Clips,
and live Videos in HD quality 24 hours a day. You can display what you want,
when you want to advertise your business. It is like having your
own Private Broadcasting System.
Now you can display live feed and situational messages to your LED Screen based on external factors from your own hardware, machinery, and PC Programs. This system will allow you to show messages such as the live stock market, sports scores, real time production stats, preset external variables, and many more. (read more)
  • Ticker Signs (Stock Market Information)
  • Factory Production board
  • Scoreboard
  • Traffic Information, including Public Transportation Schedule
  • Parking Control System: number of cars parked, rate, parking system
  • Environmental Pollution Gauge Board
  • Triggered messages and many more
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